Thursday, July 16, 2015


Abbygail Sandra
8lb 3oz - 20in
Where has the spring and summer gone! This year is flying by and I didn't realize how long it has been from my last post.

Here are some of the events that have happened this year:
My husband and I moved to Grand Forks at the end of April. We went through the home buying process ourselves.  I can empathize with current home buyers because the rules, regulations and policies from the banks have changed significantly since when I first purchased a home in 2009.  It is a very lengthy and emotional process.  Even after the closing, there are still emotions but it is regarding the color of the paint and compromising with my husband's ideas. :)

We also welcomed our first child on June 11.  A baby girl names Abbygail Sandra.  She has changed my priorities forever and wouldn't change it for anything. With real estate, there is not such a thing as maternity leave and Abbygail went to her first closing when she was 13 days old and frequents the office.  That may be shocking to some folks that I didn't take a maternity leave. I am thankful that with real estate I am able to determine my hours and allow for time with my daughter though it is a lot tougher to finish projects with the lack of sleep. 

Looking forward to spending time with my new baby. She may be on a couple of showing appointments, hope my clients don't mind. 

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